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The Lost 284 Winchester
29 Jan 2016 10:31 AM | Posted By: Lighthorse
The buck appeared at 200 yards a across a clear cut sometime before the turn of the century. I had a good rest but a bad angle with the Savage M-99F in 284 Winchester. I sent a 150 grain 7mm Power Poi

Ruger Scout Rifle
26 Jan 2016 12:16 PM | Posted By: Lighthorse
  This is one of those really interesting rifles. It was meant to be a scout rifle but I love it as a deer hunter. A Ruger 77 in somewhat of a military version. Other than the fact you can put an

A Good Handgun
26 Jan 2016 11:48 AM | Posted By: Lighthorse

Basic gun care?
21 Jun 2014 10:07 AM | Posted By: ovinovin7
i dont have a gun. can somebody please explain to me about caring for a gun, such as a deer hunting rifle or AR-15? just about cleaning, or anything else. thanks. ________________________ Flak Vest

New Shotgun Help
11 Sep 2012 05:41 PM | Posted By: John
 Hey all I wanted to get some feedback from everyone on shotguns. I am looking to purchase a new shotgun in the next few weeks to be used primarily for hunting ducks and pheasants. There are so m