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Growing Deer TV's 300th Episode
300th episode of Growing Deer TV, archery season is around the corner, treestand safety and much more.
New Deer Hunting App. From QDMA & Powderhook
It’s been bound to happen sooner rather than later—a new, useful and free App. for deer hunters. This time however it’s from trusted sources, QDMA and their partners Powderhook, it’s called “Deer Tracker.”
Fall Isn’t Too Late For Food Plots
Typically hunters think of spring and summer as the premium times to plant your food plots—which is true, if you plan on keeping deer on your property through the summer months. However, planting in the early fall will set you up with some very effective and productive food plots.
Crossbow Hunters, Save Money With ZEISS
High-quality glass has been a mainstay for rifle scopes for as long as we can remember but it’s something relatively new for the crossbow world. Carl Zeiss Sports Optics now offers the TERRA XB75 2-7x32 crossbow scope making things a bit clearer for crossbow hunters.
Growing Deer 2015 Field Day
Dr. Grant Woods held his 2015 Annual Field Day and he had a huge turnout! He actually had to extend registration to accommodate an extra 60 people, to be exact 160 attendees from over 27 states
Millennium Improves Their L100 Ladder Stand
The L100 Ladder Stand is equipped with Millenniums comfortMAX seat for a single hunter, incorporates a fully adjustable shooting rail and folding foot rest. The adjustable and padded shooting rail folds up making it easier for hunters when they get onto or off of the ladder stand platform.

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Wells George
Share a picture from my trail camera
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Custom Web Design for Outfitters and Outdoor Businesses
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Venison - prior to processing
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Blind Question
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doe eyes
RE: wounded deer, determining if shot was fatal
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