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Conquer Wind Drift With Nikon
Two products from Nikon will help hunters and shooters compensate for bullet wind drift. The MONARCH 5 riflescope line, and the Spot On Ballistic Wind Meter that plugs directly into the headphone port found on almost all smart phones.
Bear Hunting: Canada Spring Hunting Info
Here's some great information on bear hunting in Canada. You'll learn a few stats from the provences and where to get more information on booking bear hunts in Canada.
The Art Of Firearm Restoration
An interview with Doug Turnbull, owner of Trunbull Restoration and Manufacturing Co.
Innovations In Cell Phone Scouting Cameras
Cell phone cameras now allow you to buy a monthly plan or a data bundle that would allow a certain number of photos. If you just want to put the camera out for the deer season, or just for a month, you only buy what you need. And it is quite reasonable. The camera I just started using is the Covert Blackhawk, which allows me to take 1000 photos per month for only $14.99. If I wanted to really get crazy, the plans run all the way up to 6GB (more than 100,000 photos) for $279 per year.
Will Jimeno’s Bear Hunt
Will Jimeno hunts deer and bear in this area. He is a dedicated bowhunter, but bears in New Jersey must be hunted with a gun. His father-in-law was bedridden in the hospital, but asked Will if he would hunt with his 20-gauge shotgun for the 2015 season, and Will agree
Lighted Nocks Can Now Be Used In Oregon And Other Changes for 2016
Oregon has made final changes for 2016 hunting regulations and the changes include a big one for bowhunters in the state, they now allow lighted nocks. Find out about this and other changes.

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