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Whitetail deer are found from northern South America, northward through Central America, to southern Canada. In the contiguous United States, they are present in all states, although rare in Utah, Nevada, and California. They are generally more abundant in the eastern half of the continent than the west. Whether you are new to deer hunting or a old pro, the deer hunting section of Foremost Hunting has something for you. Click on the links below to explore our site:

Take A Kid Hunting Today!

I get asked this question a lot concerning the proper age to start a youth hunter or shooter. I see this strictly up to the parents as far as instilling a sense of responsibility. Anti hunters have requested age 16 before youth hunters can take to the field knowing they will lose interest by this age, and use it as a ploy. A hunter safety course is mandatory for all new hunters born after 1969 and the age limit is 10 years old for certification. This doesn’t mean that you can’t take your kid out in the back 40 and teach them how to shoot at an earlier age. This also depends on the individual and the amount of time the parent or mentor wants to spend with the youth outdoorsmen. If you plan to teach your kid hunting and the shooting sports it will in fact take years of supervision and patients as you watch them grow. Of course nothing is more rewarding than to see that young outdoorsmen grow, and nothing teaches responsibility better than hunting and the shooting sports. One thing for sure, “If you take your kid hunting, you will never have to hunt for your kid.” …..Pass it on.

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Deer Hunting Quotes

The Snort- Deer usually make this shrill whistling/blowing sound when alarmed and often stomp a front hoof.
- Deer Hunting Sounds