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Vermont Youth Turkey Season Is April 28 & 29
Vermont youth turkey hunting weekend is April 28-29 this year. A shotgun or bow and arrow may be used in the youth turkey or regular spring turkey hunting seasons
Vermont Youth Turkey Season Opens Saturday April 23
Turkey hunting starts in Vermont this weekend, April 23 and 24, with Youth Turkey Season. The youth hunt is held the Saturday and Sunday before the regular May 1-31 spring turkey season.
Vermont’s Fall Turkey Hunting is Expanded
Following strategies outlined in Vermont’s Big Game Management Plan, the Fish and Wildlife Department recommended expanding fall turkey hunting based on scientific data and public input.
As a result, the Fish and Wildlife Board passed a regulation that allows turkey bow hunting statewide, a seven-day shotgun season is expanded to nine days, and Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) B, D1, D2, and H1 are opened for the fall shotgun season for the first time.
Dress for Success - Fall Turkey Safety Tips
The best hunt is a SAFE hunt! Both novice and experienced sportsmen should continuously review basic safety practices. The fall turkey season requires different tactics and safety precautions from the spring gobbler season. Dressing right is the key to both safe and successful turkey hunting. While sitting still is most important, full camouflage helps hunters blend into the surroundings and elude the turkey's keen eyesight.
Prescribed Burns in Spring Improve Wild Turkey Habitat

Each spring, the National Wild Turkey Federation’s wildlife biologists hear the fears of concerned hunters who don't understand that prescribed burns in March and April -- months generally known as wild turkey nesting months -- are far more beneficial than harmful to wild turkey populations. However, the NWTF's wildlife biologists have research showing the years of improved nesting and brood habitat created by a growing season prescribed fire is far more important to the turkey population than the loss of a few nests.

Bear, Deer, Turkey Harvest Data Announced

Richmond, VA — Wildlife biologists with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) have compiled preliminary figures for bear, deer, and turkey harvests for the 2007- 2008 fall seasons. Several notable results of the 2007-2008 hunting season stand out. Deer harvests reached a record high this past season but even more importantly the doe harvest was greater than the buck kill for the first time since the check station system was initiated in 1947. The bear harvest was the second highest kill documented in Virginia and continues to show an increasing trend over the past decade. The fall turkey kill also increased over last year, an encouraging change considering turkey production has been poor in recent years. A summary of the preliminary harvest numbers for all three seasons follows.

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Turkey Hunting Quotes

Calling to long is a big mistake. If a turkey answers you he knows you are there. Stop calling and he'll come looking for you thinking the hen got away.
- Matthew Eastman