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RR1 Box 210
Xenia, IL 62899
B & F Hunting offers hunts for deer, turkey, pheasant, chucker, Hungarian partridge, quail and dove. We also raise and sell game birds to other preserves, and have pointers for sale. We own or lease over 5,000 acres of prime land in Wayne and Clay counties in Xenia Illinois (100 Miles East of St. Louis). Don't forget to check out our links at the bottom of the page to find more information about the great hunting experience that is B & F Hunting.
2058 Old Route 121
Lincoln, IL 62656
Big Oak offers upland game bird hunting, including quail, pheasant, and chukar. We can arrange separate bird hunts, or work the bird hunts into your deer schedule. Our bird hunting runs from October 1st, until April 15th. Big Oak also offers dove hunting to members only, free of charge. Bird cleaning is also available for a nominal charge. Add some bird hunting to your deer hunt, and you won't have a moment of idle time... unless you want it.
46744 255th Avenue
Pittsfield, IL 62323
Welcome to Butler Farms Outdoor Adventures, where hunting is still a sport! Since 1996, we have been a Whitetail Deer hunting outfitter in beautiful Pike County, Illinois. West Central Illinois is world-renowned for it's quality whitetails and amazing countryside. We also offer some of the best Spring Turkey hunting adventures in Illinois.
Route 1
Golconda, IL 62938
Imagine float-fishing on the picturesque Big Grande Pierre Creek, having a once-in-a-lifetime chance at a record Illinois whitetail buck, or going on a guided spring wild turkey hunt in breathtaking Southern Illinois in the very Heart of the Shawnee National Forest.
16620 W. 266th Street
Illinois City, IL 61259
Located near beautiful Illinois City, in Rock Island and Mercer Counties, Illinois, Copper's Creek Outfitters™ offers one of western Illinois' best areas for trophy turkey and whitetail. Copper's Creek Outfitters™ can provide guided hunts, lodging, and great memories to those who want the best out of turkey and deer seasons.
R.R.1 Box 227
White Hall, IL 62092
Over 3,000 acres of privately owned professionally managed land, excellent cover and food for wildlife. Using European Game Management methods to insure quality hunts and good bird populations. Featuring Upland bird, Plantation Style, and Overseas Style hunts for chukkar, wild quail, pheasant, partridge, and dove. Five day archery, bow & arrow, shotgun, black powder, and handgun deer hunts are also available. As well as, 3 day turkey hunts on a 400 acre private refuge and trophy bass fishing on
not available
Eldred, IL 62027
No-nonsense, no-bull, self-service hunts. We cater to experienced hunters who don't need and don't want to pay for "expert" trail guides. We currently feature self-service turkey and deer hunts on 2,000 acres of wilderness and farmland in West Central Illinois (located in Greene County, across the river from Pike County and within sight of Hardin, Illinois).
1458 N 1700 E Rd
Roberts, IL 60962
Green Acres Sportsman’s Club was founded in 1970 by several outdoorsmen who were looking for a vast acreage to hunt and train their bird dogs. With its rolling prairie-like terrain, creeks and ponds, this former dairy farm showed great potential. Over the last three decades, the property has been managed strictly for upland and mallard hunting, transforming it into a true showcase for the modern day bird hunter. Additionally, since its dawn, Green Acres has made a name for itself with its
RR1 Box 8A
Nebo, IL 62355
Visit Heartland Lodge for legendary Pike County Illinois deer hunting, in one of the finest whitetail deer hunting lodges in the country! Heartland Lodge is located in the middle of incredible pike county Illinois deer hunting country. Located between the Mississippi and Illinois River drainages, Heartland provides habitat that is perfect for large bucks. The four key ingredients to having a quality deer herd are all found at Harpole's. You must have genetics, food, habitat, and a good age
16168 State HWY 96
Rockport, IL 62370
At Hopewell Views, you'll experience some of the finest upland bird hunting that you can be found anywhere. Our hunting areas consist of over 2500 acres of rolling hills switch grass, nature prairie grass, Milo food plots, and wood lines. Hunt some of the strongest and fastest flying pheasant, chucker, Red leg partridge and quail that you've ever experienced. Our professional guides have numerous years of hunting & dog experience. You will hunt behind well trained English pointers, English sette
RR 1 Box 121B
Simpson, IL 62985
Illinois Ohio Valley Trophy Hunts is located in the southernmost part of Illinois in the fertile Ohio River Bottoms, also known as the deer capital of Illinois. We offer the ideal environment for harvesting trophy Whitetails. The natural make-up of our land coupled with the extensive time and effort put into enhancing our property provides you with the best trophy hunting opportunity.
R.R. 2 Box 190
Vandalia, IL 62471
Keck's Marsh was established as a 155-acre duck hunting club in 1984. Since then, the operation has grown to over 1,500 acres of flooded farmland and timber that provides the best hunting throughout the midwest. During the past 11 waterfowl seasons, members of Keck's Marsh have averaged four ducks per day. There are many different opportunities when it comes to upland game available at Keck's Marsh. Like all memberships, these will be limited to ensure quality hunting. There are squirrel,
2114 County Rd 1800 E.
Crossville, IL 62827
Lamont Outdoors provides hunting opportunities for Illinois and Indiana archery, muzzleloader, and shotgun seasons. Our trophy management system protects younger bucks from being harvested prior to maturity. Archery hunters are encouraged to harvest one doe and are allowed to harvest one buck with a minimum score of 130 Pope & Young. Firearm hunters are allowed to take either one buck (same minimum score of 130 Pope and Young) or one doe. A fee is imposed for deer shot below the minimum
23438 State Hwy 14
Macedonia, IL 62860
Experience the diversity of Macedonia Game Preserve! This diverse habitat makes the preserve an excellent choice for a variety of game. Lush woodlands provide cover. Fence rows and waterways provide a perfect setting for game birds. Macedonia also provides wildlife habitat by planting food plots to entice specific game animals and upland birds. This diversified setting is the perfect combination for whitetail deer, quail, pheasant, chukar, dove and turkey hunting.
PO Box 3
Elizabethtown, IL 62931
Ohio River Outfitters offers trophy whitetail deer hunting in the heart of Illinois deer hunting country. We are located in Southeastern Illinois along the Ohio River. Most of our deer hunts take place in Hardin County, which is considered to be Illinois' first and final frontier. A Quality Deer Management system has been in effect for the past 10 years. Our outfitting service was the first in the area to manage for world class whitetails. The time and effort put into managing for trophy
19212 Hunting Club Rd.
Jerseyville, IL 62052
Otter Creek Hunting Club offers secluded acreage with a wide variety of activities for the sportsman. Open to the public 7 days a week by appointment. Located approx. 50 miles from St. Louis. Pheasant, Quail, Chukkar, Deer, and Turkey Hunting Available.
5016 IL Route 173
Richmond, IL 60071
Since 1949, the grounds of the Richmond Hunting Club, have been visited by thousands of local sportsmen. October 1st marks the beginning of hunting season when our members are anxious to get afield and get their hunting companion in shape for the upcoming season. We offer Ring-neck pheasant, chukar and Hungarian partridge, turkeys, Bob White quail, and duck shooting at its finest.
411 Douglas Dr.
Olney, IL 62450
Ridge Outfitting is located in rural Richland County in the heart of Southeastern Illinois. This rural area is noted for its blend of farm ground with sizeable patches of timber. Hundreds of acres of corn, soybeans, wheat, and clover planted each year mixed with large patches of timber make for a winning combination. At Ridge Outfitting you will have a good chance at getting that perfect turkey or that trophy whitetail buck.
2900 East 12330 North
Forrest, IL 61741
Consider this your personal invitation to come hunt with us in beautiful Central Illinois. With hundreds of acres of prime Pheasant cover and only a stones throw away from Chicagoland, Rooster Heaven is your Hunting Paradise. Whether you like a private hunt, just you and your dog, or an outing for you and all of your hunting friends and family, ROOSTER HEAVEN is the place to do it. Our beautiful Lodge is at your disposal before and after your hunt so come on down and stay the night with
995 E. County Rd. 1550
Hamilton, IL 62341
Smokin Gun Hunting Lodge is located in Illinois, just 2 mile from the Mississippi River. The best way to find us on a map. Look where Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois all join. Smokin’ Gun Hunting Lodge welcomes you to a truly unique hunting experience! We’ve introduced Pheasant, Bobwhite Quail along with existing Wild Turkey and Deer. Smokin’ Gun Hunting Lodge will furnish specialty packages tailored to suit your needs for both groups and individuals.
2345 St. Paul's Church Road
Arenzville, IL 62611
One of Illinois' best kept secrets, The Strut & Rut Hunting Lodge offers trophy white-tail deer and turkey hunting in Western Illinois. Low hunting pressure in Morgan, Scott and Cass Counties will provide hunters with an excellent hunting experience. Strut Rut is located across the river from Pike County. Just over 2 hours north of St. Louis, Missouri and mid-way between Springfield & Quincy, Illinois, we are easily accessible, yet wonderfully secluded on almost 5,000 private acres.
17009 Ruppel St
Petersburg, IL 62675
We have one of the finest Trophy Whitetail destinations in the U.S.A. Timberland Outfitters, Inc. is located in Central Illinois. Our location is in the middle of what whitetail enthusiasts call the "Illinois Triangle," long noted for producing Illinois' largest bucks. Timberland Trophy Outfitters was created so we could provide a personalized, high quality, and exclusive hunting experience for our clients. We have exclusive hunting rights on multiple leases of prime whitetail habitat that
13388 N 875th St.
Newton, IL 62448
Turkey Creek Lodge was created for the sole purpose of providing a high quality and exclusive hunting experience for our clients. * Whitetail Bow Hunts * Upland Bird Hunts * Waterfowl Hunts * Turkey Hunts * Fishing The concept for our family owned and operated lodge was developed when we realized that there were few options for hunters who wanted the best all around experience. Being avid hunters ourselves, the owners of Turkey Creek Lodge have hunted through many
25226 County Highway 13
New Canton, IL 62356
Xtreme Management Hunts LLC offers exclusive fully guided and semi-guided PikeCounty Illinois Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting and Turkey hunting.We are located in Pike County Illinois, Iowa, and Mossouri. The midwest's premier Trophy Whitetail Hunting locations. Firearm hunts and Archery hunts are offered on a limited basis to maintain a low pressure hunting environment. Extensive managment practices and maintaining year round nutrition with various food plots ensure our Trophy Whitetail Deer and
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Illinois Wild Turkey Hunting

Illlinois is a great hunting state- - and in our opinion that surely includes wild turkey hunting. Having said that, we cannot say that we received complete information from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) regarding wild turkey population density and the like. It was like pulling teeth, and then the information came with a lot of caveats. Having said that, we again commend the IDNR for its superb website - -the best we've ever seen. We'll give you all the contact information at the end of this article.

When we started the project of surveying all 50 states regarding its deer/wild turkey/waterfowl hunting opportunities, we said in our initial commentary (which is published on our site) on this 50 state project that we would point out what we consider are deficiencies or lack of information or cooperation on the part of regulatory agencies on all levels - -especially the state hunting regulatory agencies.

When we pressed the IDNR for an estimate of the Illinois wild turkey population, here is the written response we received from Paul A. Brewer, Wild Turkey Project Manager- - and we quote: "We do not attempt to estimate the wild turkey population in Illinois - -there is no way to do so that would provide a reliable estimate that would "close or best". I can tell you that in the fall of 2010, we received reports from our firearm deer hunters of sightings of 575,325 turkeys. Again, this is the number of wild turkeys seen by firearm deer hunters in 2010 - -NOT A POPULATION ESTIMATE."

Huh? We are scratching our heads. Why not have WILD TURKEY HUNTERS give their estimates. And why don't you estimate? Other states do. And then if you don't know the population how do you determine how many tags to issue, or what the population should be - -or what does IDNR management want the population to be. We are dissatisfied with the answer provided by the IDNR, and would urge our readers to contact LOCAL guides in an area that you want to hunt wild turkeys, and have those GUIDES tell you what the population is in that area. At least there'll be some frame of reference in that regard.

In all fairness, as a comparison, when we asked for this same type of deer population information from the DEER management people at the IDNR, they also said "we can't be accurate, and we don't usually estimate," but then in effect said, here are some figures that at least will give you some idea of population. THAT is a great way to answer our question and we commend the deer management people at the IDNR for that information. No hunter is going to criticize that type of attempt to help when answering questions.

Also - -contiguous states like Minnesota and Wisconsin provide "guestimates", and real world hunters and observers recognize that population estimates are just that - -and can be "off." So what? Give the person who may want to hunt wild turkey in Illinois as much information as possible, and keep it simple, without any of the too-often bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo.

As for harvest - -(and these are rounded off figures) - -spring, 2011, the wild turkey hunt harvest was about 16,000 birds – a little less - -and the wet spring didn't help. Fall turkey harvest last year both archery and firearm came in at about 1,400 birds. So the harvest is about 17,500 per year for both season and includes firearm and archery.
By the way, getting these figures was not easy - -the IDNR website does have them, but it's somewhat of a bear to get to them. Here's one direct link you may want to use:

The spring wild turkey hunt starts in different Illinois counties on different dates throughout the state - -in the fall, you can generally hunt (check the regs- - the firearms and archery seasons overlap somewhat), between October and January. So it's a good long season, but there are so many different regs for each hunting "zone/county/area," that its best – and we say this AGAIN!!!: Contact one of our partnership businesses or guides who are on this site. They will know what's going on in the area you want to hunt. And these "locals" are the best at finding the biggest gobblers, in the shortest time, with the greatest ease and safety.

To it's credit, Illinois has a youth wild turkey hunt, and special regs for the disabled which allow easier opportunities, without interference during the regular seasons.

There are very detailed significant regs as to what type of firearm, ammunition, bow, arrow, etc. can be used when turkey hunting in Illinois. Same with getting a "tag." This information - -all of it- -is clearly, simply and concisely stated on the IDNR website. So it's no big feat to find out what you need before you leave for hunting.

We have found as we have stated previously that Illinois is a wonderful state to hunt in (and we say that even knowing about the toll roads which contiguous states don't have). Great opportunities, great infrastructure, and some of the nicest "locals" and most capable guides anywhere. (just make sure you tell 'em you're a Bears fan - -especially if you're from Wisconsin or Minnesota). Search this site. It's got good numbers of these businesses and guides you'll want to contact.

Here is the contact indicia for the IDNR:



Springfield (Home Office)
One Natural Resources Way
Springfield, IL 62702-1271
Phone: 217-782-6202

Region I Office-Northwestern Illinois
2317 E. Uncoinway
Suite A
Sterling, IL 61081
PHONE: 815-625-3100

Region II Office-Northeastern Illinois
2050 West Stearns Road
Barlett, IL 60103
Phone: 847-608-3100

Region III Office-East Central Illinois
15676 State Highway 54
Clinton, IL 61727
Phone: 217-935-6860

Region IV Office-West Central Illinois
4521 Alton Commerce Pkwy.
Alton, IL 62002
Phone: 618-462-1181

Region V Office-Southern Illinois
11731 State Highway 37
Benton, IL 62812
Phone: 618-435-8138

Chicago Regional Office
James R. Thompson Suite 4-300
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: 312-814-2070

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