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A Tom Turkey's gobble can be heard a mile away!
- Turkey Facts 101
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So how do you shoot a wild turkey?  Well this is about the hardest shot you will ever try that looks so easy. The reason is people just get a good case of buck fever; they get the shakes and just make a bad shot. What helps is knowing all about your shotgun and where to aim and how to judge the range. Number 4, 5 and 6 shot will all work on a wild turkey if you keep your shots within 40 yards. It is a good idea to have a “Super Full” Turkey choke, and a rifle style sight on your shotgun.

Many turkey hunters including myself use a regular big game telescopic sight mounted on the turkey gun. This absolutely centers the pattern for a clean shot. Two tricks to range estimation is to pace the distance from your decoys at about 20 yards, twice that distance will be your maximum shot range. The other way, is when you can clearly see the turkeys eye he should be within 40 yards. Aim for the middle of the neck, or about where the feathers meet the skin known as the waddles. Aim your shotgun like a rifle and give him the “Chocolate Winchester Surprise” with practice you should get a gobbler someday… Learn More About Turkey Hunting By clicking on the links above.