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Castle Valley Outdoors, located on a 16,000 acre working cattle ranch in south-central Utah, is a premier wingshooting and big game hunting lodge with plenty of solitude and services. Kick back and let the big picture come into focus in our comfortable, well-equipped lodges, spacious bedrooms and expansive dining room, with gourmet country cooking and an oversized fireplace that sparks easy conversation.
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Pines Ranch Outfitters specializes in Mountain Lion or Cougar hunting. Our clients have taken some of the biggest cats Utah has to offer, with several scoring over the minimum Boone and Crockett score of 15 inches. We have also had great success with Elk, Deer and many other big game animals in Utah.
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Utah DWR Releases 72 South Dakota Turkeys
After transporting the birds from South Dakota, the Division of Wildlife Resources released 24 wild turkeys on the north side of the LaSal Mountains. The remaining 48 turkeys found a new home on Elk Ridge.
Utah Releases Wild Turkeys To Bolster Population
During the past month, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has released 96 wild turkeys on Elk Ridge in San Juan County. The released birds were captured in South Dakota and Arizona. Wildlife Biologist Guy Wallace explained the reason for the transplant: "Turkey numbers on Elk Ridge declined drastically due to the severe winter conditions of 2009–2010. Snow levels were deep enough and persisted long enough that the birds perished, most likely, from starvation and predation."

Dress for Success - Fall Turkey Safety Tips
The best hunt is a SAFE hunt! Both novice and experienced sportsmen should continuously review basic safety practices. The fall turkey season requires different tactics and safety precautions from the spring gobbler season. Dressing right is the key to both safe and successful turkey hunting. While sitting still is most important, full camouflage helps hunters blend into the surroundings and elude the turkey's keen eyesight.
Prescribed Burns in Spring Improve Wild Turkey Habitat

Each spring, the National Wild Turkey Federation’s wildlife biologists hear the fears of concerned hunters who don't understand that prescribed burns in March and April -- months generally known as wild turkey nesting months -- are far more beneficial than harmful to wild turkey populations. However, the NWTF's wildlife biologists have research showing the years of improved nesting and brood habitat created by a growing season prescribed fire is far more important to the turkey population than the loss of a few nests.

Utah Chapters Auction Conservation Tags at NWTF Banquets

NWTF Utah chapters will auction 30 turkey tags, two deer tags and two elk tags during the 2008 banquet season starting Feb. 23, 2008

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The slate call is one of the most versitle turkey calls on the market. The slate call can be used to make very soft calls as well as high pitched load turkey calls.
- Turkey Calls 101