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Big K is an all inclusive guest ranch offering an unforgettable outdoors experience to anyone who visits. From horseback riding to hiking, we have it all. We also offer fishing, and hunting opportunities for Rio Grande Wild Turkeys.
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Experience the fresh air and beautiful scenery that Minam River Lodge has to offer.We have a variety of outdoor activities to keep you busy, including hunting for elk, deer and bear.
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Southern Oregon Outfitters has been in business since 1998, guiding hunters on an exciting big game adventure. We have a large population of black bear, bobcat, elk, and several deer species. Bring your hounds or use ours!
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Dress for Success - Fall Turkey Safety Tips
The best hunt is a SAFE hunt! Both novice and experienced sportsmen should continuously review basic safety practices. The fall turkey season requires different tactics and safety precautions from the spring gobbler season. Dressing right is the key to both safe and successful turkey hunting. While sitting still is most important, full camouflage helps hunters blend into the surroundings and elude the turkey's keen eyesight.
Prescribed Burns in Spring Improve Wild Turkey Habitat

Each spring, the National Wild Turkey Federation’s wildlife biologists hear the fears of concerned hunters who don't understand that prescribed burns in March and April -- months generally known as wild turkey nesting months -- are far more beneficial than harmful to wild turkey populations. However, the NWTF's wildlife biologists have research showing the years of improved nesting and brood habitat created by a growing season prescribed fire is far more important to the turkey population than the loss of a few nests.

Lighted Nocks Can Now Be Used In Oregon And Other Changes for 2016
Oregon has made final changes for 2016 hunting regulations and the changes include a big one for bowhunters in the state, they now allow lighted nocks. Find out about this and other changes.

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Turkey Hunting Quotes

Calling to long is a big mistake. If a turkey answers you he knows you are there. Stop calling and he'll come looking for you thinking the hen got away.
- Matthew Eastman