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Maryland Turkey Harvest Up 11% in 2012
Hunters reported harvesting a total of 3,132 wild turkeys during the 2012 spring turkey season, an 11 percent increase from last year's harvest of 2,826.
3rd Annual Maryland Hunter Contest Begins November 29
Annapolis, Md. — The Maryland Department of Natural Resources encourages hunters to enter the 2008 Maryland Hunter Contest, where participants can win a complimentary 2009-2010 hunting license and the grand prize winner will receive a $500 gift certificate.
Cool Weather Prevails for Fall Turkey and Deer Hunters 2008 Turkey & Deer Harvest Numbers Up
Annapolis, Md. — Maryland hunters benefited from cool autumn temperatures this year and reported an increase in the fall turkey and early season deer harvests compared to 2007.

“The improved fall turkey harvest is due to a combination of favorable weather and a recent increase in the population in Western Maryland,” said Pete Jayne, DNR’s Associate Director for Game Management. “This time last year we were experiencing widespread impacts to deer from hemorrhagic disease, which attributed to a decrease in hunter success in 2007. I’m glad to say that Maryland is largely free of the disease this year and hunters are benefiting from a slight rebound in the population.”
Dress for Success - Fall Turkey Safety Tips
The best hunt is a SAFE hunt! Both novice and experienced sportsmen should continuously review basic safety practices. The fall turkey season requires different tactics and safety precautions from the spring gobbler season. Dressing right is the key to both safe and successful turkey hunting. While sitting still is most important, full camouflage helps hunters blend into the surroundings and elude the turkey's keen eyesight.
Prescribed Burns in Spring Improve Wild Turkey Habitat

Each spring, the National Wild Turkey Federation’s wildlife biologists hear the fears of concerned hunters who don't understand that prescribed burns in March and April -- months generally known as wild turkey nesting months -- are far more beneficial than harmful to wild turkey populations. However, the NWTF's wildlife biologists have research showing the years of improved nesting and brood habitat created by a growing season prescribed fire is far more important to the turkey population than the loss of a few nests.

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