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PIERRE, S.D. – The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department is sending out two separate surveys to explore participation and activities of hunters in this state.


One survey will be tailored specifically to female deer hunters, asking a randomly selected sample of 2,000 their opinions, attitudes, motivations and constraints to their hunt.


“This survey is the first of its kind and very important in our understanding of female deer hunters,” Dr. Larry Gigliotti, GFP human dimension specialist said. “It is designed to provide a more complete profile of women hunters and is a cooperative survey between GFP and South Dakota State University.”


A second survey will be sent to a random selection 3,000 hunters who purchased either Small Game or Combination hunting licenses in 2008. The survey will ask about past and present duck, geese and pheasant hunting.
The focus of the survey will primarily be hunter attitudes toward these activities.


“The information we derive from these surveys has been a great asset to our planning process,” Gigliotti said. “I appreciate the time that folks take to complete these surveys. The accuracy of our information is assured by the number of responses that are returned.”

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