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PIERRE, S.D. - All good things, even a day of hunting, must come to an end. In South Dakota, that means when the sun sets, it's time for hunters to call in the dogs and call it a day.


"Shooting hours stop at sunset for waterfowl and small game hunting,"
said Tim McCurdy, an S.D. Game, Fish and Parks Department conservation officer based in Beadle County. "Hunters need to remember that this is an important regulation because the darker it gets, the greater the chance of an accident."


Judging when the sun has actually set can be a tough call at dusk.
McCurdy reminds hunters that in order to stay in compliance with the law they should wear a watch and have with them a copy of the 2008 edition of the GFP Hunting and Trapping Handbook.


"The sunrise-sunset schedule at the back of the handbook is a good reference for judging when shooting hours are ending," McCurdy said. "If you're unsure when the sun will set in your area, keep in mind that it's always best to stop hunting a little early to stay in compliance with the law. By stopping early you'll also have a little light left to help you make your way safely to your vehicle."


The sunrise-sunset schedule is on page 59 of the handbook which is available from GFP regional offices or retailers who sell hunting licenses.


Hunters should note that the sunrise and sunset times on the schedule are in error for the date of Nov. 2. The times on that date should be an hour earlier because daylight savings time ends early in the morning of Nov. 2.

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