Outfitting Aunt Sandy With A Pink Gun

“Please don’t tell her about the “She Safari” line of women’s hunting cloths.”… Uncle John

I know that many men think hunting and fishing is an all out guy thing, not so with my female counterpart Aunt Sandy. But Sandy has just started in the outdoor game. At first look at my gun room she nearly had a fit, as I found out she was absolutely terrified of guns. Well that didn’t go over very well with me, but rather than cower in the corner as many hen pecked men do, I decided to teach her to shoot the correct way.

A Pink Gun For Aunt Sandy - The Pink Lady

Sandy was introduced to the Ft Polk Shooting Complex and suddenly she saw the good side of firearms. A few trips to the range with a very accurate CZ-452 in .22 long rifle and Sandy was hooked on the shooting sports. The secret there is no recoil and extreme accuracy. Next, came the Thanksgiving and Christmas Grand Turkey shoots that I host every year at Fort Polk giving Sandy her first crack at shooting competition and a little lime light as well. Her first fancy shooting trick was to split a playing card with a .22 bullet, and that is a hard shot even for Annie Oakley. Then after winning 4 turkeys in the respective turkey shoots, against men (including me) Sandy was getting pretty good with a shotgun and a rifle.

Top Gun Sharpshooter, Aunt Sandy can split a playing card with a .22 bullet.
Top Gun Sharpshooter, Aunt Sandy can split a playing card with a .22 bullet.

Sandy is almost 6 feet tall so she is not the petite prissy type, so it looked like she had laid claim to my custom Browning A-5 in 12 gauge. With the Browning, with a 32 inch Hastings wadlock barrel and a .650 turkey choke, Aunt Sandy laid waste to the other turkey guns at the match. But this was only the beginning.

Alvin and Calvin Cooley, the famous twin Bowhunters of Leesville called me up to help skin a deer. Sandy tagged along and suddenly found out that all of us had the famous Case trapper pocket knives for the job. If you didn’t have one you are just plain wrong. Of course she had to have one the next day. Since then when all the guys pull out their Case pocket knives in the age old tradition, Sandy shows her’s off with the best of them.

Sandy is a Gamer, and loves electronic video games, so what did she do, she had me buy up all the Cabalas hunting and fishing games. Let me tell you something, that deer hunting game is so real you think you are really in the woods hunting, not to mention it helped train Sandy to be a safe deer hunter.

The season was almost to a close when Sandy began her quest for a deer, but even after about 5 tries, still the buck eluded her. But she learned a lot in the process about every facet of deer hunting. Next season will be different.

Sandy started photography too and with her new Kodak digital camera in “Pink” she has been taking some pretty good photos of magazine quality. Trouble is, now I found out her favorite color. It didn’t help any when Shamane Nugent (wife of Ted Nugent) got on TV and showed off her Pink, Zebra striped bow and arrow. I thought to myself, “We can do better than that.”

A trip to my favorite local outfitters, Nichols department store, was another mistake. There on the gun shelf was a .22 Marlin Model 60 P, the P is for Pink Camo and it is just plain cool. Of course she had to have it, and this started a riot at the range when the other female shooters saw the Pink camo rifle, and they had to have one too. Nichols sold out the next day, as Sandy set the fashion trend for designer Pink .22 Rifles. Still Sandy did not have a big game rifle.

She tried the 30-06 Remington Mountain Rifle, but even with the so called reduced recoil loads the kick was uncomfortable for her. The answer; the 44 magnum rifle, very little recoil and lots of power, for deer and wild hogs.

In the mean time there was a white bass run at Toledo Bend below the dam. Sandy had to have all new fishing gear and then learn how to use it. With Zebco rod and reels it wasn’t long before Sandy was taking me to the cleaners in the fishing department. One 4 pound White Bass was a real trophy. She also got plenty of practice in photography on the Bald Eagles in the area.

Does This Big Gun Come In Pink?
Go ahead "Make My Day" Does it come in Pink...?

You know it had to be pink and be better than Shamane’s Bow. So I searched and found a Harrington and Richardson Handi Gun in 44 magnum, at Star Gun and Archery in Leesville. It also came with a 12 ga rifled slug barrel and I will later put on a 20 gauge barrel for dove hunting. That is why the H&R is so handy, you can change barrels. But the rifle/shotgun combination came in basic black, but not for long. You have to wear “Hunter Orange” in the deer woods anyway, so a little pink won’t hurt.

I went to Orilies Auto parts and had them mix up some hot pink car paint. Then I went to a decal shop and got some black decal stock. I figured out if you cut the strips in long triangles, you get perfect Tiger Stripes. No Zebra stripes for Sandy. So with a little masking tape and about three hours of work she now has “Pink Tiger” probably the only pink tiger striped .44 magnum deer rifle in the world, at least until the other ladies start wanting one. No doubt this tigress has claws, as the 44 magnum will drop the biggest deer in the woods out to 200 yards and is legal for both the primitive and modern gun season as the action goes back to 1881, with an exposed hammer. A Swift 3X9 scope tops off the combination, as well as a Pink leather sling (from Cabalas) making this a one of a kind.

At the unveiling of “Pink Tiger” at the Ft Polk range, even the guys thought it was cool, while the other lady shooters turned green with envy. Pink Tiger, turned out to be a tack driver at 50 yards, as Aunt Sandy proceeded to drill out the center of the bull’s eye.

No matter how you look at it, the complete training of any hunter/fisherman takes about 2 years of constant instruction and a lot of patience. Sandy wants to try everything as this has become the only sport she has ever been introduced to. Although her equipment looks like she is spoiled rotten in pink, that’s OK, pink works too. She doesn’t get lucky every time out, that’s a good thing. Her target shooting is outstanding along with her fishing, but the deer and turkeys keep giving her the slip, as they do all of us. But the customized equipment gives her the confidence to keep trying and that is the key to outdoor determination. She is having a lot of fun too and that is the important part…..Pass it on.

Meet Uncle John:
About John Simeone- John was instrumental in the legalization of the crossbow when he wrote a fact finding mission for Senator John Smith of Vernon parish, which led to the crossbow inclusion for all hunters in 2008. Most recently John took up the cause of handicapped hunters with “The Way Outfitters” as their outdoor writer.   Learn More About John Simeone