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How Drought Affects Food Plots

Jul 24th, 2012

Steve Scott from the Whitetail Institute of North America has worked in the food plot industry for decades and has plenty of experience in working with drought conditions. He recently visited with to discuss what people can do to maximize their food plot efforts during a drought.



Making An Outdoor Television Show

Jul 16th, 2012

A lot of hunters dream of having their own hunting show. Joe Sir and JD Huitt of Hallowed Ground Outdoors are living that dream. They both love what they do but they say it’s not as easy as most people think it is. Joe and JD break down the challenges of making an outdoor television show in this engaging podcast.



Getting Started In Muzzleloading

Jun 15th, 2012

Chad Schearer from Sportsman Channel's Shoot Straight With Chad Schearer joins the podcast to talk about getting started with muzzleloader hunting. Topics include what to look for when buying a muzzleloader and how to load, clean, and shoot a muzzleloader successfully.



Wisconsin Deer Czar Controversy

Jun 1st, 2012

Wisconsin's hiring of Dr. James Kroll as whitetail deer trustee is under immense scrutiny as the state's historic recall election draws near. Dan Schmidt of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine joins's Chris Larsen to talk about the facts and the myths concerning Dr. Deer and whitetail management in Wisconsin.



Strategic Food Plot Planning

May 25th, 2012's Chris Larsen discusses the what, where, and how to planning an effective food plot with Tombstone Creek Outfitters' Paul Korn. Topics discussed include what crops to plant, best locations, and how to best utilize a food plot.



Big Game Logic

May 20th, 2012

Big Game Logic allows hunters to track deer movement and predict hunting hotspots. This interactive deer tracking resource catalogs trail camera photos and deer sightings to enhance the traditional scouting process.'s Chris Larsen visits with's Jeff Schmitz in this podcast.



Crossbow Use During Archery Seasons

Apr 26th, 2012

Daniel Hendricks from the American Crossbow Federation and Horizontal Bowhunter Magazine visits with's Chris Larsen. Topics discussed include crossbow use during archery seasons, the benefits of hunting with a crossbow, and how crossbows compare with vertical bows.



Turkey Hunting Tips From A World Champion Caller

Apr 25th, 2012

NWTF National Champion turkey caller Scott Wilhelm offers up some great tips to common scenarios turkey hunters run into. Scott has hunted turkeys in over a dozen states and he knows what makes a gobbler tick. Listen in for insights on what to do when gobblers a henned up, hanging out, or just plain not in the mood.



Training A Shed Hunting Dog

Apr 18th, 2012 visits with Tom Dokken about training dogs for shed hunting. Tom covers the basics of what you need to know to get your dog finding sheds efficiently. In the second part of this podcast, North American Shed Hunting Dog Association World Champion trainer Josh Miller talks about what it takes to train a dog for competitions and what the world championship is all about. Great podcast for anyone interested in training a dog to find sheds.



Raising Your Own Pheasants

Apr 5th, 2012's Chris Larsen talks to Brian Check from MacFarlane Pheasants of Janesville, Wisconsin in this special podcast for Topics covered include raising chicks, equipment needed, and expert tips for getting the most out of your own pheasant flock.



Scratch Box Turkey Calls

Apr 1st, 2012's Chris Larsen and Eric Rice of Shine Box Turkey Calls talk about the scratch box turkey call. This type of call has been relegated to relative obscurity. Most major retailers and outdoor catalogs don't carry them, but they are the granddaddy of the modern day box call commonly used by most turkey hunters today. Rice and other family call makers across the country are bringing the scratch box turkey call back to prominence.



2012 Wisconsin Spring Turkey Preview

Mar 26th, 2012's Chris Larsen visits with Scott Walter, Wisconsin DNR Upland Ecologist. Topics discussed include how this winter and spring's warm weather will affect hunting, new season structures & regulations, and the general status and health of Wisconsin's turkeys.



Harnesses For Hunters

Mar 19th, 2012's Chris Larsen welcomes Will Jenkins to the show. Will started a program called Hunters For Harnesses that provides tree stand harnesses free of charge to hunters that need them. How the program works as well as tree stand safety are discussed in this podcast.



Turkey Hunting With Archery Gear

Mar 2nd, 2012's Chris Larsen discusses archery turkey hunting with Paul Korn of Tombstone Creek Outfitters in Northern Missouri. Topics include preparation for the season, choosing broadheads, shot placement, and recovering your turkey.



A Vegetarian Hunter?

Jan 13th, 2012

Tovar Cerulli's first book, A Mindful Carnivore: A Vegetarian's Hunt For Sustenance, details his journey of becoming a hunter. Cerulli left college a vegan and lived that way for several years before the quest for quality, free range meat took him to the forest. He talks about his inner ethical debates and what it was like for him to kill a deer for the first time in this enlightening podcast.



Taking Kids Turkey Hunting

Feb 3rd, 2012

Join's Chris Larsen and Tombstone Creek Outfitting's Paul Korn as they discuss introducing youngsters to turkey hunting. Topics discussed include preparation, blind setup, keeping young hunters engaged in the hunt, and safety aspects of the hunt.



Wolf Management In Wisconsin

Jan 27th, 2012

The Great Lakes grey wolf was delisted as an endangered species in December of 2011. On January 27, 2012, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan state agencies took over management of their state's wolf population.'s Chris Larsen speaks with Wisconsin Mammalian Ecologist Adrian Wydeven about what this means for wolves, game managers, and Wisconsin.



Minnesota Deer Management

Jan 26th, 2012's Chris Larsen interviews Lou Cornicelli of the Minnesota DNR. Topics discussed include state deer management, antler point restrictions, Chronic Wasting Disease, the politics of deer management decisions, and the impact of wolves on the deer population.



At The Shot Show

Jan 19th, 2012

Outdoor writer and blogger Chris Burget of explains what the SHOT Show is all about. SHOT is the shooting sports & outdoor industry's largest convention and trade show covering over 600,000 square feet. Everything from shotguns to high tech gadgets are on display for the media, retailers, and industry leaders.



Trail Camera Tactics

Jan 13th, 2012's Chris Larsen interviews Paul Korn of Tombstone Creek Outfitting in Northern Missouri. Paul operates dozens of trail cameras and has captured photos of huge bucks for years. In this podcast, he shares his secrets for getting the most from your trail cameras.



Hunters & Social Media

Jan 9th, 2012

Like it or not, social media is growing. Another trend is the increase in hunters using social media. In this episode's Chris Larsen interviews Ben Gustafson, Social Media Editor for North American Hunter. Topics include Facebook, Twitter, and how they are used by hunters and organizations to expand their networks.



Huntography: Filming America's Hunters One At A Time

Oct 13th, 2011

In this episode,'s Chris Larsen interviews Rudy from Huntography. Rudy is a documentary producer from Colorado about to kick off his second season of filming America's deer hunters. He was tired of the showboat antics of some hunting celebrities and decided to film real hunters at their camps celebrating their own traditions. This season Rudy is visiting 12 states while filming 20 different hunters.



Target Panic For Archers

Sep 22nd, 2011

Paul Korn of A1 Archery discusses archery target panic. Paul talks about what target panic is, what it's causes are, and how to defeat it. This is a must listen to podcast for hardcore archers and beginners.



2011 Wisconsin Waterfowl Preview

Aug 25th, 2011's Chris Larsen visits with Wisconsin DNR Migratory Gamebird Ecologist Kent Van Horn. Topics discussed include the structure of the upcoming waterfowl season, new rule changes, and what hunters can expect this season. The continental duck population is at record highs and the Wisconsin population is also looking good. Van Horn says the good ole days are here right now!



Sunday Hunting In Virginia

Jun 28th, 2011's Chris Larsen speaks with Virginia resident Will Jenkins of Topics include legalizing Sunday hunting and why Sunday hunting is important. Several states across the Eastern seaboard currently have laws against Sunday hunting. Virginians are taking serious steps to eliminate these antiquated laws. Hear what is happening and why in this edition of the Foremost Hunting Podcast.



The Life Of An Outfitter

Jun 20th, 2011's Chris Larsen visits with Paul Korn of Tombstone Creek Outfitters and A1 Archery about the life of an outfitter. Paul has been an outfitter throughout North America for years, hunting a variety of big game species. Topics include what's great about the job, the negative aspects, and how much work goes into putting together great hunts for clients. If you've ever thought of being a guide or outfitter, you will enjoy this podcast.




Summer Preparation For Archery Season

Jun 10th, 2011

Western Wisconsin’s Paul Korn is one of the most accomplished hunters in North America. The polar bear is the only North American big game species he has not taken with his bow. Paul makes annual trips to Alaska and has also hunted in Africa. As founder of A1 Archery in Hudson, Wisconsin and Tombstone Creek Outfitters in Northern Missouri, Paul has literally seen it all when it comes to archery hunting. He is also a contributing archery writer for Outdoor Life Magazine.’s Chris Larsen recently spoke with Paul about summertime preparation for fall archery seasons. Topics include drills, techniques, and gear.



Planting Food Plots For Deer

May 26th, 2011's Chris Larsen visits with Antler King's Todd Stittleburg about planting high quality food plots. Topics discussed include getting started, soil tests, equipment needed, techniques, and advanced strategies for food plots.



Minnesota Antler Point Restrictions Under Fire

Apr 27th, 2011

The Minnesota DNR added antler point restrictions to the 2010 deer season regulations in Southeast Minnesota. Many hunters fully support the new regulations while others are strongly opposed. Steve Drazkowski represents District 28B in the Minnesota House of Representatives. He has recently introduced a provision to end the practice of antler point restrictions in Minnesota. In this podcast's Chris Larsen speaks with Drazkowski about antler point restrictions and their effect on the 2010 deer hunt.



Foremost Hunting On NPR

Apr 9th, 2011's Chris Larsen was a guest on NPR radio show Hear Say With Cathy Lewis. Also on the show, hunting advocate Matt O'Brien and former president of the Virginia Deer Hunter's Association, William "Tex" Sadler. Topics include the future of hunting, new hunters coming into the sport, and the ethics & benefits of hunting.



2011 Wisconsin Turkey Hunting Preview

Mar 24th, 2011 Host Chris Larsen meets with Wisconsin DNR Upland Wildlife Staff Specialist & Farm Bill Coordinator Scott Walter to discuss the 2011 Spring Turkey Season. Topics include turkey populations, habitat, regulations, and the future of turkey hunting in Wisconsin.



Fundamentals of Coyote Hunting

Feb 11th, 2011's Chris Larsen talks with Duane Fronek, a trapper and predator caller from Wisconsin who is also the Assistant Editor of Fur Taker magazine. He shares his insights on coyote hunting and offers great advice for novice coyote hunters. One of his best pieces of advice... there are no "nevers" and there are never any "always" when it comes to coyote hunting. Listen in as Duane talks about the best guns, calls, and techniques for taking coyotes.



Getting Started In Ice Fishing

Feb 3rd, 2011

Chris Larsen of Foremost Outdoor TV visits with Anthony Larson of Coulee Region Adventures in La Crosse, WI. Anthony talks about the basics of ice fishing as well as some finer points for more advanced anglers.



Antler Point Restrictions With Marrett Grund

Jan 19th, 2011's Chris Larsen discusses antler point restrictions (APR) with one of the nation's leading experts on APR, Marrett Grund. Grund worked with Dr. Gary Alt in Pennsylvania and now serves as Farmland Deer Researcher for the Minnesota DNR. Topics discussed include the reasons for implementing APR, it's effects on the deer herd, and the social aspects of intensive deer management.



Wolves In Wisconsin & The Great Lakes States

Nov 5th, 2010's Chris Larsen visits with Wisconsin DNR Wolf Biologist, Adrian Wydeven. Chris & Adrian discuss wolf issues in Wisconsin and across the Midwest. Topics include wolf management, attacks on livestock, how to prevent attacks, and how the wolf population affects other wildlife populations.



Gulf Coast Wetland & Waterfowl Update

Oct 26th, 2010’s Chris Larsen visits with Ducks Unlimited Gulf Response Team Lead Scientist, Dr. Tom Moorman. Topics discussed include the effects of the Deepwater Horizon disaster on the coastal wetlands, how ducks are affected, and the relationship between the oil industry and gulf coast habitat. Wisconsin Deer Hunting Preview

Oct 10th, 2010's Chris Larsen visits with Bob Manwell of the Wisconsin DNR. Topics include the various deer hunting seasons, Chronic Wasting Disease, crossbows, and wolves.



What Is Foremost Outdoor TV- Intro to Foremost Outdoor TV Show

May 13th, 2010

In this video podcast TV show host Chris Larsen introduces a new hunting, fishing and outdoor TV show called Foremost Outdoor TV. If you like to hunt and fish please subscribe to our video and audio podcasts. We have some great episodes coming up. You can also vist our website and watch online at



Foremost Hunting Podcast Episode 1

May 13th, 2010

Welcome to the first podcast of Meet the hosts of the show, Chris Larsen and Jon Ballard and listen as they discuss turkey hunting tactics and more hunting related topics.



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