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Bayou Bottoms Hunting Club is nestled in the heart of the Mississippi flyway, just south of Jonesboro, Arkansas along the Cache River in N.E. Arkansas. This is a prime location for thousands of wintering ducks and snow geese each year. Snow goose hunts take place in a 20 ft. pit with 1,500-2,000 decoys and 2 electronic callers with no limits and no plugs in your gun. (It's a giant dove shoot.) Duck hunting takes place in 16-20 ft. pits in the heart of huge flooded rice and bean fields. Bayou
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The perfect upland bird hunting day awaits you at Coon Creek Hunt Club. Whether you want to sneak out of the office for morning hunt or spend an entire day hunting our grounds, we’ll make sure your hunt is a memorable one. Located only 45 Minutes from Chicago. Memberships range from individual to premium and start at $1050 per year. They include access to the clubhouse during business hours, ability to bring guests, dog training, and a 4 bird per gun minimum release. Non-member packages are also
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Over 3,000 acres of privately owned professionally managed land, excellent cover and food for wildlife. Using European Game Management methods to insure quality hunts and good bird populations. Featuring Upland bird, Plantation Style, and Overseas Style hunts for chukkar, wild quail, pheasant, partridge, and dove. Five day archery, bow & arrow, shotgun, black powder, and handgun deer hunts are also available. As well as, 3 day turkey hunts on a 400 acre private refuge and trophy bass fishing on
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Green Acres Sportsman’s Club was founded in 1970 by several outdoorsmen who were looking for a vast acreage to hunt and train their bird dogs. With its rolling prairie-like terrain, creeks and ponds, this former dairy farm showed great potential. Over the last three decades, the property has been managed strictly for upland and mallard hunting, transforming it into a true showcase for the modern day bird hunter. Additionally, since its dawn, Green Acres has made a name for itself with its
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Visit Heartland Lodge for legendary Pike County Illinois deer hunting, in one of the finest whitetail deer hunting lodges in the country! Heartland Lodge is located in the middle of incredible pike county Illinois deer hunting country. Located between the Mississippi and Illinois River drainages, Heartland provides habitat that is perfect for large bucks. The four key ingredients to having a quality deer herd are all found at Harpole's. You must have genetics, food, habitat, and a good age
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Rockport, IL 62370
At Hopewell Views, you'll experience some of the finest upland bird hunting that you can be found anywhere. Our hunting areas consist of over 2500 acres of rolling hills switch grass, nature prairie grass, Milo food plots, and wood lines. Hunt some of the strongest and fastest flying pheasant, chucker, Red leg partridge and quail that you've ever experienced. Our professional guides have numerous years of hunting & dog experience. You will hunt behind well trained English pointers, English sette
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Keck's Marsh was established as a 155-acre duck hunting club in 1984. Since then, the operation has grown to over 1,500 acres of flooded farmland and timber that provides the best hunting throughout the midwest. During the past 11 waterfowl seasons, members of Keck's Marsh have averaged four ducks per day. There are many different opportunities when it comes to upland game available at Keck's Marsh. Like all memberships, these will be limited to ensure quality hunting. There are squirrel,
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Macedonia, IL 62860
Experience the diversity of Macedonia Game Preserve! This diverse habitat makes the preserve an excellent choice for a variety of game. Lush woodlands provide cover. Fence rows and waterways provide a perfect setting for game birds. Macedonia also provides wildlife habitat by planting food plots to entice specific game animals and upland birds. This diversified setting is the perfect combination for whitetail deer, quail, pheasant, chukar, dove and turkey hunting.
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Illinois has the best Canada goose hunting in the Mississippi Flyway. The area surrounding Mazonia Hunt Club is the undisputed goose hunting mecca for the Illinois Central Zone. When the weather drives the geese south, Mazonia Hunt Club becomes the chosen feeding grounds and hunters score bag limits consistently.
14513 Kishwaukee Valley Rd.
Woodstock, IL 60098
We have been hunting geese & ducks for the last 32 years in Northern Illinois and have some exciting packages for goose hunters. Our properties are managed to promote good hunts, and are not over hunted. Our massive spreads of Big Foots, G & H Shells and Outlaw decoys will fool the smartest geese. You will be in spacious heated pits and popup blinds during your hunting adventure. There are No hidden guide fees, just one set price. We are fully insured and licensed. Hunts begin in early
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Just imagine, your own private group at Winchester's NILO FARMS, one of the finest hunting and shooting facilities in the country. Enjoy hunting ringneck pheasants, chukar partridges, and mallard ducks. NILO offers a challenging variety of Upland Game bird hunting and under natural field conditions. Hunters are paired up and always hunt over the dogs from mowed areas. This adds to safety and gives the hunter an opportunity to watch skilled dogs work in cover. Our guests may try their hands at ba
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Consider this your personal invitation to come hunt with us in beautiful Central Illinois. With hundreds of acres of prime Pheasant cover and only a stones throw away from Chicagoland, Rooster Heaven is your Hunting Paradise. Whether you like a private hunt, just you and your dog, or an outing for you and all of your hunting friends and family, ROOSTER HEAVEN is the place to do it. Our beautiful Lodge is at your disposal before and after your hunt so come on down and stay the night with
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Learn More About Illinois Waterfowl Hunting

Illinois - -"The Land of Lincoln" is also the land of great waterfowl hunting. Illinois is on the Mississippi Flyway. The Mississippi River, and untold other waterways "host" tremendous flocks of waterfowl "coming and going." Up and down the state, there are such huge opportunities that waterfowl hunters have the happy "problem" of having to decide where to go and what species to hunt. And of course like other Midwestern states, the Canada goose problem continues - -especially over populating areas like Chicago, other urban communities, as well as agricultural areas.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) website is a "sight to behold." Excellent. Concise. Chocked full of great information . We didn't get a lot of information from the IDNR waterfowl sourcing personnel directly. Some info. Not much. We did our own research and have come up with some suggestions. Without trying to sound repetitious – but we unashamedly are - -we strongly urge our readers to source this website for the Illinois areas, businesses and excellent guides that partner with us. These sources will be able to give hunters all the information they will need to find the best places to hunt the waterfowl they're after, with success and a sense of both fun and accomplishment. We also will provide all the of the IDNR contact indicia at the end of this article.

The information we now pass on is based on both research and discussion with IDNR personnel and "real live Illinois waterfowl hunters." Generally it's all "pretty correct," so don't start quoting "chapter and verse" if we're off by a bit on anything we state. We do source our info closely so it's at least some pretty decent things we're passing on.

First- - and foremost: Illinois has three waterfowl zones- - north, central and south. Season times and dates, permits, regs, bag limits – all of that "good stuff" changes yearly - -even during a season and varies by zone. The 2010 season was a bit below expectations, but in '09, Illinois waterfowl hunters harvested close to 400,000 ducks, and 142,000 Canada geese. NOT BAD! Indeed, outside of Arkansas, for instance, Illinois hunters got more mallards than any other state on the Mississippi Flyway. So the "birds are there."

You can hunt with firearms or use archery (at least that's what the IDNR has told us by written communication). Be careful - -Illinois, like most other states enforces the use of proper weaponry AND ammunition - -you don't want to use anything "toxic" – that'll cost you big-time. The regs when it comes to all of this stuff are readily and easily accessible on the IDNR website.

Now here's what's happening "right now" as we write this (summer of 2011). The "five year" waterfowl hunting scenarios/plans/regs/zones and on and on are up for review, as they are in other contiguous states like Wisconsin. The IDNR is hosting a long series of public hearings requesting input from the public, hunters, and other interested sources –such as hunting affinity groups. Once the next "five year plan" is adopted, it's pretty-much "written in stone" (the Feds get in on the act and require that type of stability) for the next five years. So everyone in Illinois wants and needs to "get it right" first time around.

Exigencies like weather, species populations, disease, wetland preservation - -a whole lot of things – can and do change regs all the time. It's a "fluid" type of situation that adapts to the ever changing hunting and wilderness environment –and that's good, BUT, the general rules once written are going to be it for the next five years. So, if you're interested in voicing your opinion(s) on anything "waterfowl," contact the IDNR, as soon as you can.

There's an early goose season (geese are a problem - - in Illinois and other Midwestern states, as we've previously noted), then there's a youth hunt, and of course special regs for the disabled, special zones and hunting opportunities. It's organized- - maybe appearing a bit chaotic, but in a "good way." Generally speaking you can waterfowl hunt- - including geese etc - -from sometime in September to sometime in January - -with seasons varying by zone and all the rest of it. Bottom-line: You're not going to do better waterfowl hunting ANYWHERE, than Illinois. Check with the IDNR for all the "intricate regs" that you'll face, depending on where and what you want to hunt. And yes, here we go again - -first source you should use are the guides and businesses that partner with us. They KNOW the "who/what/where" of waterfowl hunting in their area(s). Don't forget that. You'll save yourself a lot of hassle, time and money- - and end up with a great hunt by using the sources on our website.

Please remember - -if you can think of a breed of duck or goose you want to hunt, you're probably going to find it very nicely in Illinois. And the state is terrific - -even with the toll roads. People are good, practical and friendly; and hunting has a long tradition in Illinois. The scenery is spectacular (no kidding – it IS!), and the "sounds of silence" in the wilderness is "deafening" - -which is exactly what a waterfowl hunter seeks.

The "Land of Lincoln" beckons waterfowl hunters yearly - -and with good reason. We've been there - -we've done that, and it's all true.

Here is all the contact indicia for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources:



Springfield (Home Office)
One Natural Resources Way
Springfield, IL 62702-1271
Phone: 217-782-6202

Region I Office-Northwestern Illinois
2317 E. Uncoinway
Suite A
Sterling, IL 61081
PHONE: 815-625-3100

Region II Office-Northeastern Illinois
2050 West Stearns Road
Barlett, IL 60103
Phone: 847-608-3100

Region III Office-East Central Illinois
15676 State Highway 54
Clinton, IL 61727
Phone: 217-935-6860

Region IV Office-West Central Illinois
4521 Alton Commerce Pkwy.
Alton, IL 62002
Phone: 618-462-1181

Region V Office-Southern Illinois
11731 State Highway 37
Benton, IL 62812
Phone: 618-435-8138

Chicago Regional Office
James R. Thompson Suite 4-300
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: 312-814-2070


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