Venison Deer Recipes From Foremost Hunting

Venison is a much leaner meat then beef or pork..  The meats taste can be effected by how the deer is cared for right after the harvest.  To ensure the best quality meet field dress the deer and then get it cooling as soon as possible.  Now that you have the deer in the freezer what do you do with it?  Check out our Venison Recipes below or share your venison recipes with us.

Venison Recipes

Venison Soup: Makes about 4 Quarts
Venison Ribs BBQ: BBQ Ribs were never so good for you!
Venison Jerky: Submitted By Tim Harper
Venison Chili Recipe: I freeze this and take it hunting with me. It is a easy meal after a long day in the woods. It also works with antelope meat, moose etc.
Venison Jerkey II: Once dried out the venison jerky will keep for several months, but but if your house is anything like mine it will be gone within a few days.
Italian Venison Soup: Italian Venison Soup contains vegetables, meat, and pasta. It is pretty much a meal on in one. Served with mozzarella-garlic bread, makes a great meal after a long cold day of hunting. This is a variation of a soup made with beef you can also use...
Grill Beer Turkey: This is a turkey recipe from a hunting buddy of mine. It also works great for chicken. The 'garlic on the coals' smells so great
Venison Stroganoff: Cooking time will depend on how tough the meat is. Longer time for the tougher the meat.
Venison Breakfast Dish: This is a good meal to serve when you are hosting a breakfast.
Joe's Cheesy Sloppy Joes: Make a double batch leave in a crock pot for football parties.
Peppered Venison Steaks: I know this might not seem like a "recipe" This is more of an other way of cooking your Venison steaks. Summited by Betty Shore
Venison Roast: Summited by Nancy Grace
Venison Jerky: Venison Jerky is great for Gifts and for Snacks
Venison Hamburger Soup: Venison Hamburger soup is one of those things that tastes better the next day so make ahead. Serve with bread or corn bread. This also a family favorite. by Charlie Smith
BBQ Venison Ribs: BBQ Venison Ribs. Just writing this recipe up is making me hungry. Enjoy I know my family and I do. By Jim Lukes
Bar-BQ Venison Ribs: Bar-BQ Venison Ribs are very tasty and lean. Very health and making your own sauce you can tweek it. I have used this same sauce with other meat also. Enjoy!! By Brad
chukkar: Venison steaks are a healthy way to enjoy steak. Serve with your favorite side and know you are eating Good! by Owen
VENISON FAJITAS: Great way to enjoy venison with a southern flair
VENISON POT ROAST: If you want a thicker gravy, boil gravy over high heat, keeping the sliced meat warm.
VENISON POTPIE: My Kids Love To Eat Venison This Way!

Venison is actually very good for you when compared to other meats.  Venison nutrition facts

Pairing Wine With Venison
Venison and other game meats match well with a big, bold wine like Zinfandel.