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5 Tips For Getting The Perfect Trophy Photo
Live Animal Pictures:  When taking pictures of live animals the one thing you will need besides a camera is a lot of patience.  Just like hunting, critters never seem to appear where and when you want them to.  If you plan to use a digital camera make sure to turn off all sound on the camera.  A good zoom lens is also handy when photographing animals.  We suggest you use a tripod and ground blind so that your camera is always in position when the critters appear.  Be ready for the unexpected and watch for unusual occurrences.  Just like hunting some outdoor photographers will use bait or scent attractants to stop or pose the animal for a photo.  Some outdoor photographers will get the animal's attention with a call or grunt sound so that it's looking right at the photographer for the image, the down side to this is you often only get one picture.

Trophy and Hunter Shots:  Getting a great picture of that trophy buck, bruin or elk with the proud hunter is a big responsibility and often a once in a life time opportunity so the pressure is really on.  

1.  More is better: Try to take as many different pictures as possible in different positions and from different angles.  The more photos you take the more likely you are that at least one will be a great shot.  Here is a few basic tips for shooting trophy animal pictures:

2.  Lighting:  If you can see well enough to easily read a book you won't need a flash so turn it off.  Flash can create glare as well as red eye so always try and use natural light when available.    Flash cameras also tend to make skin and fur look pale and unnatural.  If you can try and position the picture so the natural light is in the face of the hunter when taking pictures.  Try to avoid shooting photos with the hunter positioned between you and the sun.
3.  Be aware of the background:  Make sure that a tree is not growing out of the hunters head or that there are moving vehicles in the photo.  By taking a few steps left or right of where the hunter and their trophy are positioned you can change the background a great deal.
4.  Aiming Your Camera:  When you shoot the photo aim the camera at the center of the scene not necessarily the hunters face.  You need to frame the critter and hunter in the picture.  Shots from above the hunter will often make them seem thinner, shots from straight on and below the hunter give a wider appearance.  Try not to place your subject dead center in the image.  If the subject is slightly off center it will make for a more interesting picture.
5. Clean it up: When taking pictures of deer that are dead clean up the deer. Try and hide the tongue as well as excessive blood etc. When a taxidermist mounts a deer you don't see all that. Why would you want it in a trophy deer picture. Pose the deer so it looks as natural as possible.

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