Deer Hunting Quotes

The Grunt- Deep guttural grunts issued by dominant deer of both sexes are an apparent effort to displace subordinates. Combinations of grunting, snorting, and wheezing are much more aggressive in nature and are typically issued by dominant males during the breeding season. Bucks attempting to court a doe in estrous may give a low, repeated tending grunt. Hunters may mimic this sound in an effort to call in a buck.
- Deer Sounds
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When I first started hunting in the late 80's it was rare for us to even see a whitetail in the woods and if we did it was usually a doe.  Doe tags were few and far between in those days.  On the drive home from the woods of Northern Wisconsin, we would see truck after truck with huge bucks strapped down, sometimes more than one. Why did those hunters succeed? The bigger question should have been why did we fail?  I've learned a lot about pursuing whitetails in the last 30 years and much of that info is contained in this section of the site.  Whether you are an experienced hunter or heading out for your first trip, my hope for you is that you find this information useful and it helps you become a better hunter.  Don't forget to share your experiences with others and help keep this great sport alive and well.

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