Whitetail Deer Hunting Guides and Outfitters

The whitetail deer is known as North America's most popular and plentiful big game animal. Quality Whitetail hunting can be found across the United States and Canada. Click on the US map below or text links to find a whitetail deer hunting guide or outfitter in the state or province of your choice.

Featured Articles:

How To Choose A Deer Hunting Guide Or Outfitter-
Most guide services and outfitters are very reputable. They know the area and can get you access to private land and the best hunting opportunities. A little research can make your next guided hunt much more enjoyable.  Here is a short article with some tips to help you choose a deer hunting guide for your next trip.

Planning Your First Guided Hunt-
For those of you who may be considering booking your first big game guided adventure, here are a few ways to ensure you book with a reputable outfitter.

Fifty State Hunting Information and Opportunities From Foremost Hunting
Over the next year we be working on compiling and posting information on deer hunting, wild turkey hunting, and waterfowl hunting opportunities for every state in the union. Each discussed species (deer, turkey, waterfowl) will have a separate article, so that there is no confusion or cross-over.

Stay Safe- Wear Your Orange

Over the years camouflage companies have convinced the public that they must be completely invisible to bag the great monster buck. This has led many hunters into the false assumption that Hunter Orange is no longer needed. This can be dead wrong. Hunter Orange when worn during a gun deer season or when small game hunting and hunting in a group, is that glowing ember in the distance that tells other hunters, “Don’t even think about pointing a gun in this direction.” Camouflage in elevated stands mean nothing in hilly country where a hunter may think he is up in the air out of harms way, only to find he is at ground level as seen by a hunter on a distant hillside. Hunter Orange is there to save lives and it works. To tell the truth, it doesn't scare the deer either, which many hunters seem to worry about more than safety. 400 inches of Hunter Orange and a cap is mandatory on Louisiana Wildlife Management Areas, wise private land owners will insist on the same rule….Pass it on