New Hampshire Deer Hunting Guides & Outfitters
45 Stewart Young Rd
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Lopstick Lodge, located in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire, is the perfect place to pass on the love of hunting from one generation to the next. Ideal habitat provides a large terrain for a variety of hunting opportunities like deer, bear, grouse, pheasant and woodcock.
609 Beach Road
Pittsburg, NH 03592
Looking for a relaxing and rustic lodging experience? Tall Timber Lodge offers just that. Located near some of the best hunting areas in the Northeast, Tall Timber provides an excellent opportunity for game bird and big game hunting.
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New Hampshire Deer Hunting Guides & Outfitters
New Hampshire Firearm & Muzzleloader Seasons Coming Up by Chris Larsen
Opening day for New Hampshire's regular firearms deer season is November 14, 2012, a date anticipated with great enthusiasm by the state's estimated 60,000 deer hunters.
Unit M Antlerless Deer Permits Now Available by host

Hunters who want the chance to take an additional antlerless deer in Wildlife Management Unit M in southeastern New Hampshire during the fall hunting seasons can buy a special permit from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department starting July 1.

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What's the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts? Beer Nuts are around a dollar seventy-nine, and deer nuts are just under a buck!
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