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shoot to kill I pretty much agree with the article. I discovered something accidentally years ago - the magic spot. The spot is about as big as fist and if you hit a deer there he will drop stone dead. No it isn't the head. A shoulder shot is fine but has a few drawbacks. Heart shots kill but every deer I ever hit in the heart ran 40 miles an hour didn't leave much blood and went a fair distance in 5 seconds or less. Lungs are good but they don't start to bleed right away. The best shot is just below where the spine meets the shoulder. You actually hit the upper back part of the shoulder blade. This is behind the front leg not straight through the shoulder. People forget what happens inside when bullet meets bone. The bone blows up like a secondary explosion. The fragments must hit where the spine and kneck nerves join. The fragments also go down and hit the lung and heart. Any deer I have ever hit here goes down like a ton of bricks. Some are sti 12/18/2014 2:42:53 AM
Les Mureaux Haute-Sa?ne

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